“Nothing was complete before I saw it...”
Rainer Maria RILKE

Pervin Malcıoğlu

I have traveled to many countries and fallen in love with incredible cities around the world, whose borders I lifted in my mind long ago. They all became part of me in the end. I narrated my travel stories in two volumes before and now here I am to share my travel insights through an online travel guide.

So what does this online travel hub aim to do? First of all, I would like to inspire travelers who search "one of a kind" experiences. We had printed travel guides as our bedside books before. Today, even a single Instagram frame could spark your next travel. But it is still hard to find that valuable piece of information we need, within the mountains of data available on the internet. While we are planning to explore a new city or region, we still need sound advice from a local friend or someone in the know.

My site aims to be just that friend! I am a traveller who is well aware that time and money are true luxuries that should not be wasted. Thus, here I suggests smart city guides and nearby itineraries to use these two valuable resources efficiently.

In "Cities" section, you will find the cities that I know well and some of their most characteristic adresses. They all reveal the soul of the city and definitely deserve the time and energy devoted.

I enjoy cities when I explore their surroundings as well. That's the reason why I have also suggested magnificent countryside routes, towns and villages at "Itineraries" section, whenever possible.

And I have naturally devoted a whole section to Italy, which has become a second home to me. My enthusiasm and travel book about this beautiful country has been rewarded by the Italian state with an Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity as well, which I have always been proud of. The itineraries at "My Italy" section take you to the sunny coasts and islands sometimes, and to the medieval hilltowns of Italy at others, all offering the less explored natural beauties and cultural riches of the country.

We all chase the spirit of the time. We want to be at the right place on the right time. I would be blessed if I could contibute to this greater picture, by sharing my travel experiences.

Pervin Malcıoğlu

Keşiften Keyfe Yolculuk (2004) Memorable cities and lives from around the world.

Toskana'da Zamanın Ruhu (2009) An insider's look to Italy, the center of creativity, life and love.

The Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity, offered to Pervin Malcıoğlu by the President of the Italian Republic, for her efforts to promote Italian culture in Turkey.

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