Bali's pristine nature, emerald-green rice terraces and cultural riches has attracted many visitors, researchers and artists for more than a century. This small island, which is part of the Indonesian archipelago, has more touristic variety than you would find anywhere else, with its coral reefs and surf culture, jungles and active volcanos, ancient temples and palaces, as well as its local artisans, vibrant Hindu ceremonies, massage and healing traditions. The island's shopping and nightlife center Kuta is famous for its eight-kilometre long beach, where you could watch the sun melting into the ocean. Classy beach clubs in Seminyak are also perfect for lounging, cocktails and live entertainment. Ubud, on the other hand, is the artistic heart of the island, and some of its villages should be visited for their local talents: Pengasekan village for its unique painting style, and Mas village is for its woodcarving studios.

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