Since Berlin's mayor Klaus Wowereit first declared that "Berlin is poor but sexy!", the city has managed to attract a continuous inflow of young artists, writers, musicians and lately, technology start-ups. Now the capital of the "cool" seems to be growing up. Mitte is attracting the visitors with its modern hotels and gastronomy temples, while Prenzlauer Berg is becoming the new safe heaven for the couples expecting babies. Former immigrants' neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln are as charming as ever, while they are also being transformed by new hip cafes and boutiques mushrooming around. The city might have lost most of its center during the World War II, but that makes Berlin a truly free space that never ceases to surprise you. The best day tour from Berlin would be a visit to Potsdam, which is a half-an-hour drive away. This former royal town has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site, due to its 17 palaces with amazing landscaped gardens. If you have a chance to see only one, make sure that it is Sanssouci Palace


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