The capital of Azerbaijan has been a main hub along the Silk Road for ages and a pilgrimage destination for Zoroastrians with its fire temples. From the late 19th century, it has been a lucrative center for global oil industry, thanks to its convenient geo-political location along the Caspian Sea. Half of the world's oil came from this area then, which enabled the city to prosper very fast. At the heart of Baku lies the UNESCO-protected Old City, with its ages-old walls and stone mansions. And beyond the walls, there are plenty of Soviet era towers, as well as some awe-inspiring new high-rises and museums by world-class architects like Zaha Hadid. Few cities in the world has developed so quickly and astonishingly. To enjoy this city of lights, take a walk along the water-side promenade and try its several chique restaurants, blending Eastern and Western tastes in an amazing way.


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