Prague's old downtown in no different than an open air museum, and still retains the gothic atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Sitting on the hills overlooking Vlatava River, the city has inspired many writers and creative minds, including Kafka. Start your city stroll at the Charles (Karluv) Bridge, that offers irresistable panoramic city views, and continue to explore the restaurants, pubs and boutiques surrounding the main square of the Old City, where the famous Astronomical Clock and Jan Hus sculpture still stand intact. You can step back in time at the Prague Castle, which is one of the largest castle-cities of the world. The castle hosted the Czech aristocracy from the 9th century, and you can see the cultural riches of the country stocked up at several museums and galleries there. Music enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity of seeing a world-class ballet or opera staged at the National Theater as well. The centuries old thermal town of Karlovy Vary also waits for you with its therapeutic waters.     

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