Shanghai is China’s biggest metropolis with an impressive futuristic skyline, but it also has a European feel due to the western traders that have discovered this important trading post in the late 19th century. The city is cut into half by the Huangpu River: The Bund lies on the west with its elegant colonial buildings and riverfront, while the financial center Pudong lies on the east bank with its steel and glass high-rises. The French Consession, once planned as a residential area for the French, consists of today's Luwan and Xuhui districts and worths a visit for its stylish boutiques, cafes, cocktail bars and restaurants nestled in well preserved old buildings. Arriving the city with Shanghai Maglev Train is a joy in itself, as it is the fastest commercial high-speed electric train in the world, covering 30 kilometers from the airport to the city only in 7 minutes. At the center of the old city lies the classical Chinese gardens of Yu Yuan, where you could have a nice meal and a tea ceremony at the famous Huxinting Tea House on an artificial lake. Don’t forget to visit the People's Square where the locals exercise t'ai chi every morning at the sunrise; Nanjing Road, the longest shopping street of China and Longhua Temple, where you would feel the old Shanghai. 

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