New Delhi

Dozens of languages, ethnicities and influences coexist in New Delhi, India's chaotic capital. The city has gained its rythm thousands of years ago; all you have to do is to forget yourself and go on a new journey. Gear up or gear down when you need. As a foreigner, attributing order to all the contradictions spread out to the whole country is a futile attempt. So, step out of the touristic cliches to feel India's diversity coming from history and its incredible energy. Global media, technology, business and fashion is transforming New Delhi, yet it is surprisingly among the greenest capitals of the world. And day by day, these green spaces are filled up with a new strain of independent restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes. Hauz Khas, for example, is a cosy commune 11 kilometers from the capital, where you can exploer an alternative arts and entertainment scene. 

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