Turin is a charming city sitting at the heart of the Piedmont region of northern Italy, shaped by Po and Dora rivers against the backdrop of the magnificent Alps. It shortly served as the first capital of Italy and was the base for the Italian unification of 1861. Its baroque-inspired grand buildings, elegant boulevards with kilometers-long arched galleries and rich museum collections has been attracting visitors for ages. Being one of the leading industrial cities of Italy, Turin has also embraced a vibrant modern arts and music scene, after a grand urban revitalization triggered by the 2006 Winter Olympics. It is proud to be the seat of famous football team Juventus as well! People come here for the unmatched culinary scene, famous for its pastry and chocolate art as well as truffles coming from the city's lush countryside. Langhe region surrounding Turin produces some of the best red wines of the country like Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba and Moro, all of which can easily be explored with day trips during your stay. Make sure that you taste it all at the phenomenal food market chain Eataly, founded by the visionary businessman Oscar Farinetti to promote the best regional products and the culinary variety of Italy.  

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