Tokyo is a city that will surprise you at every visit. It’s a glittering metropolis with neon lights and a tranquil Far East capital with temples and lush green spaces. Salute the temples amidst classic Japanese gardens or lose yourself shopping at Ginza district during the day, and expect to find yourself on stage with a microphone in your hand at Shinjuku’s dazzling nights. Start your day dining on fresh sushi and sashimi at the Tsukiji Market, where a huge percentage of the all the fish caught daily around the globe is brought in and sold to the city's restaurants with auctions that would leave you breathless. Trace the Japanese popular culture to the backstreets of Harajuku and the giant bilboards in Shibuya. For the best scenery, choose to visit Tokyo during the cherry blossom season between March and April, when city dwellers party under sakura trees in public parks like Shinjuku Gyoen, Ueno Park, Chidorigafuchi and Yoyogi Park. This city never seizes to amaze visitors. Dog-spotting in grooming salons and speacial cafes dedicated to dogs is another amusing pastime, for example, as there are more dogs than children in this astonishing city. Some popular dog groomers have a waiting time upto six months, while people can even hire dogs here, if they want to have a part-time pet!

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