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The Cyclades are perhaps the most visited and popular of the seven Greek island groups. The name of the archipelago comes from the Greek word “kyklos” (circle), as these are the islands actually encircling the island of Delos. This small rocky island is considered to be the most sacred of all islands on the Aegean Sea, as it was the birth place of Apollo (god of Sun or daylight), and his twin sister Artemis (goddess of Moon or night light). It is a very quiet place with ancient ruins, that could be explored by a daily boat tour from Mykonos. Although this island group is famous with Mykonos and Santorini, it offers many more idyllic islands waiting to be explored with their white sugar-cube architecture, blue-domed chapels and azure waters.  

  • Beach House

    A restaurant, beach bar and 9 suites on the island's best-sheltered beach.  

  • Aeolos Hotel

    A decent small hotel near Pori Beach.

  • To Koskino Koufonisi

    Setting the ultimate standards for the island chique in Koufonisi, it also serves the best food of the island.

  • Bar Sorokos

    It is “the place” that characterizes the island spirit at Loutro Cove, which is a 15 minutes of walk away from the main port. During the day, you can swim and sunbath here as well.

  • Fanos Seaside

    A beach restaurant-bar serving simple but delicious seafood for lunch, providing sunloungers as well. It is part of Fanos Studios, which offer decent accomodation.

  • Gastronautis

    This restaurant serving contemporary Greek food only opens for the dinner!

  • Karnagio

    Although being a shabby fishermen’s restaurant just by the sea, it can attract a surprisingly high-heeled clientele at times!

  • Mikres Cyclades

    One of the best culinary spots of the island on a side street at the heart of Chora. A humble place that attracts clients with a rich menu.

  • Thalassaki

    A tavern ideal to have lunch by the water, at the beach of Ormos Isternia.

  • Christos Taverna

    Very simple but great food, served at a humble location on a superb beach!

  • Grandma’s

    Ideal dinner spot in Liostasi Hotel, with a fine-dining approach to local cuisine. 

  • Katogi

    This little buzzy restaurant is perhaps the best of the island! They receive no reservations, so there is always a line in front of it.

  • Pathos Lounge, Bar & Restaurant

    A place that is overlooking the sea and great for sunsets. 

  • Salt Restaurant & Bar

    A very enjoyable restaurant and bar that offers a private space for sunbathing on the Mylopotas Beach. Its dedicated owner Nikos serves fusion style dishes here and takes care of each client individually.

  • Tavern Drako’s

    Best seafood of the island on Mylopotas Beach.

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