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From the Romans and the Knights of Saint John to the Ottomans, who ruled these islands for about 4 centuries, and the Italians who invaded Rhodes during the Second World War, many civilizations left their stamp on Dodecanese Islands. It is no big surprise to find such rich cultural and culinary traditions here. Rhodes, Kos, Symi and Patmos are the most famous islands of the archipelago, while there is much more to explore on smaller islands like Kalymnos, Halki and Tilos too!

  • Mandraki Paradise

    Rooms and suites located in 2 storey houses, right on the seaside in Mandraki Bay, the secondary port of the island.

  • Megisti Hotel

    With superb views of the main harbour. 

  • Alexandra's

    It's been a classical address for seafood for many years.

  • Angela Studios, Lipsi Port

    Relaxed studios that make your life easier at the center of the town.

  • Nefeli, Kambos Bay

    Definitely the best hosting experience on the island, with a sister hotel in Leros as well. The hotel offers elegant apartments with private verandas overlooking the quiet Kambos Bay.

  • Dilalia, Katsadia Bay

    Run by an islander, cooking here is done only with pure and fresh ingredients from the island, provided by the local farms and fishermen. The restaurant also has a stylish boutique, if you’d like to add a Greek touch to your summer wardrobe!

  • Kairis Bakery, Lipsi Port

    An authentic local bakery, where you should try the cheese pie and the local dessert called “pouggi”.

  • Manolis Tastes, Lipsi Port

    Serves amazing local dishes accompanied by the sweet wine of the island.

  • Restaurant Kalypso, Lipsi Port

    A local restaurant at the port, serving since 1974 adjacent to a hotel.

  • Kiara, Lipsi Port

    Kiara, a boutique run by an Italian lady, has been the favourite of Turkish tourists visiting Symi for years. Now that Symi is overcrowded, the owner has moved its venue to this little untouristy Lipsi town.

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