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Fidel Castro, Che Guevera, Camilo Cienfuegos and Raul Castro... They were the leaders of the 82 revolutionaries who boarded the Granma yacht in Mexico in 1959, although it was made for only 12 people. They crossed the Mexican Gulf and the Caribbean Sea in a week, landing on the shore known as Granma today and created a miracle. The revolution changed the fate of Cuba forever! Today, Cuba is a country rich in contradictons. The country has been suffering a 50-year US economic embargo, but despite half a century of neglect, it is still extremely beautiful and takes you to a time travel. In the country of libertarian workers, dance and music is bread and butter of the soul... The fascinating colonial buildings with shabby facades still wait for a face-lift, while many have also been renovated as private homestays. Economic reforms announced in recent years have also loosened the restictions on private enterprise and this led to a new wave of restaurants, cafes and bakeries opening all around. Beyond the capital city of Havana, the island’s nature charms visitors with its beautiful fertile lands that are still covered with tobacco and sugar cane plantations, as well as mango trees. Make sure to visit the colonial cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad, crystal clear beaches of Varadero, or the island’s eastern heartland that hides the UNESCO protected Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, as well as surprising small towns like Santiago de Cuba and Holguin.

  • Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana

    Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski is probably the first true luxury hotel operating in Cuba after so many years. Enjoy El Surtidor Pool Terrace and Bar, offering great views and daiquiri cocktails.

  • Paseo 206

    10 bright and comfortable suites in the city’s best boutique hotel.

  • El Cocinero

    A trendy restaurant in Vedado region. It was transformed from an old peanut factory and the chimney of the factory now serves as a bar with superb sunset views.

  • Al Carbon

    Real Cuban fine-dining in the new restaurant of the local culinary talent Ivan Chef Justo.

  • La Guarida

    Havana’s most famous restaurant. Obama also dined here, during his visit in 2016, making him the first American president to visit Cuba. The restaurant is at the top floor of a turn-of-the-century old building. This is where the Oscar nominated famous Cuban production “Strawbery and Chocolate” was filmed.

  • O’Reilly 304

    Mexican food served in a buzzy atmosphere.

  • San Cristobal Panoramic Restaurant

    Rooftop dining at its best with amazing night views at Gran Hotel Kempinski La Habana.

  • Almacanes de San Jose

    Arts and crafts center near the cruise harbour.

  • Bueno Vista Social Club

    Live music venue of the world-famous band.

  • Cabaret Parisien

    City’s best cabaret show inside Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

  • Casa de La Musica

    One of Cuba’s most popular live music venues, with two branches in Havana.

  • Fábrica de Arte Cubano

    A new generation space for music, dance, theater and visual arts, converted from an old factory.

  • Museo de La Revolucion

    The relics of the revolution are displayed in the former Presidential Palace, which was decorated by the world-famous Tiffany's of New York. Inside, a replica of Granma (the boat that brought Fidel Castro and other revolutionaries from Mexico to Cuba) is also displayed.

  • Partagas Cigar Factory

    Partagas Cigar Factory is where famous the brands of Cohiba and Romeo & Juliette are produced. Founded in the 1853, Partagas has more than 50 factories around Cuba. Workers start after a 9-month course and there is an ongoing music broadcast inside.

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