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"Without Sicily, Italy cannot be fully understood" says the famous writer Goethe. And he has a reason. Sicily is a complex geography that has attracted many civilizations throughout its history. After Greeks came Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantians, Saracens, Arabs and Normans, who introduced agriculture, silk making and fishing techniques to the island. In sum, Sicily is a rich blend ofEast andWest today. Although the noble of the island acquired refined tastes and supported fine arts during the Renaissance, the island have always had an introvert culture. Garibaldi started his march for Italy's unification from the city of Marsala here. Sicily has also been famous for its mafia, which started as a movement named "Cosa Nostra". It is based on an ages old bandit culture. The reason why mafia is not regarded evil by the islanders is the fact that they also fought the poverty and worked for a liberated Sicily. It is a culture simple at heart and addressing the soul. The reason why Sicily has such a rich cuisine is poverty as well, which drove the islanders to be more creative in the kitchen.                       

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