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A legend tells that God descends from Corsica’s mountains first steps on Sardinia. For that reason, it is believed that Corsica comprises of mountains and Sardinia of plains. Although the island is dominated by maquis shrublands, it is the number one European destination in terms of plant variety. Additionally, all the salt demand of Italy is supplied by this island. Nowadays, the island belongs to Italy but it has an independent status with its own parliamentary and flag. It is also interesting to see four men with white bandannas on the flag of the island. Porto Cervo village on Costa Smeralda beach is the most famous and touristic spot of the island. The area owes its development to Prince Karim Aga Khan, who fell in love with Gallura beaches in 1960s. Cagliari, Alghero and Olbia are the main cities of the island. Bosa, divided by a river, is a symbolic Italian village with cafes shadowed by the date palms and clothes hanging around. Santa Theresa, on the other hand, is a village that provides easy access to Corsica Island via ferry. Although the north of Sardinia is shaped by the yachtinh culture and exclusive villas, the local culture and festivals are quite alive in the central villages of the island. Su Karrasecare, which is celebrated with unusual pagan costumes in January and February; Sa Sartiglia horse races that take place in the medieval Oristano village in Mardi Gras each May and the colourful Cavalcata Sarda that brings together different ethnic groups are all top must-sees…

  • Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort

    A practical hotel belonging to the Sheraton chain, in Porto Cervo center. Although it does not have a coastline, they offer access to their private beach by a yacht service.  

  • Colonna Pevero Hotel

    A giant, but calm hotel in Piccolo Pevero beach, surrounded by greens.

  • Hotel Cala di Volpe

    This luxury hotel that has been envisioned by Aga Khan’s is the most famous of the area. Pevero Golf Course is also nearby.  

  • Pitritzia

    An intimate hotel belonging to the Marriott the chain.

  • Romazzino

    A classical elegant hotel belonging to the Marriott chain.

  • Villa del Golfo

    A semi-hidden place in Porto Cervo. The “agriturismo” hotel La Colti and its restaurants, which belong to the same group, deserve a visit too.  

  • Clipper

    A fine-dining restaurant, focused on the seafood.

  • Il Pescatore

    Within Cervo Hotel, a romatic restaurant just nearby the shore.

  • Il Pomodoro

    An attractive Italian in Cervo Hotel, with wood-fired pizzas.

  • Billionaire

    A night club welcoming international jet-set.

  • Il Sottovento Club

    A legendary place, which is among the world’s finest clubs.

  • Su Nuraxi

    You would find several antique remnants and important examples of cylindrical towers of famous pre-historic Nuraghi civilization of Sardinia near this town. This unique UNESCO protected site dates back to 1500 B.C and could easily be accessed from the nearby Barumini village.

  • Hotel Villa Fanny

    19 contemporary rooms at an Art Nouveau villa in one of the historical districts of Cagliari.

  • Dal Corsaro

    At this one Michelin starred restaurant, old recipes are reinterpreted with contemporary creativity by young chef Stefano Deidda.

  • La Casitta, Santa Maria Island

    An amazing restaurant on an islet, where almost nobody lives, is preferred by daily visitors for lunch that is served at a villa perched on top of a land of 14 acres.  

  • Phi Beach, Baia Sardegna

    Near Baja Hotel, this nice beach club and restaurant on the rocks offers the best sunsets decending on La Maddelana Archipelago. Location just in front of a naval fortress makes this place amazing for the night time as well. 

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