Napoli is the third biggest city of Italy after Rome and Milano, also with the biggest Old City area of Europe. The city was mandated by Spanish Bourbon dynasty at first, but in 1735 it became an independent state. In Mussolini times, it entered another golden age and was reconstructed, though it was later heavily bombed at the end of the World War II. As the second largest harbour of the world (following Hong Kong) it is also the headquarters of the famous Italian marine company MSC. Napoli is famous for its cuisine, that came out from a mixture of Greek, Spanish and French influences, and it is regarded the true capital and homeland of pizza too! Once being a popular meal for the poor, pizza entered the world cuisine as "Pizza Margharita" after being discovered here by Queen Margharita. Made of tomato, sweet basil and mozzarella (in the three colors of Italian flag), this kind of pizza is at its best, if it has a crusty dough and a stretching cheese. Once you are in Napoli, you should also visit the neighboring harbours of Pozzuoli and Baia, as well as the nearby islands of Capri and Ischia. The ferries departing from here go as far as Sicilia, Sardinia, Ponza and Aeolian Islands. Visiting the antique cities of Pompei and Herculaneum is also a must, as they offer a good example of how daily life was, when their residents were captured by a sudden volcanic eruption of the Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Those who have an extra couple of more days should also explore the Amalfi Coast.    

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